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Family Discipleship Resources

Talking to Your Kids About Sex

The Story of Me by Stan Jones (ages 3-5)

Before I Was Born by Carolyn Nystrom (ages 5-8)

What’s the Big Deal? Why God Cares About Sex by Stan Jones (ages 8-11)

Facing the Facts: The Truth About Sex and You by Stan Jones (ages 11-14)

The Princess and the Kiss by Jennie Bishop

Racial Reconciliation

Read this article from Risen Motherhood: How Do I Talk to My Kids About Ethnicity?



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God Made Me AND You

Celebrating God's Design for Ethnic Diversity

This book helps parents and children alike understand God's design for ethnic diversity and challenges readers to live out counter-cultural, biblical views for the glory of God.

God Made Me AND You

can be purchased on Amazon.

(Approximately $12; Amazon prices may vary.)

God's Very Good Idea

The idea behind this book is that we are ALL valuable. God's design was for lots of different people enjoying Him and loving each other. This book will help children see that even though we look different, we are all created in God's image and all meant to worship Him.

God's Very Good Idea

can be purchased on Amazon.

(Approximately $10; Amazon prices may vary.)

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God Made Me Unique

Helping Children See Value in Every Person

This book addresses special needs and teaches kids how they can be a friend to someone who is different than them. While it is not a book about ethnic diversity, it is a wonderful book in teaching children that God made all people in His image, that every person is valuable, and how they can treat all people with kindness and respect.

God Made Me Unique

can be purchased on Amazon.

(Approximately $15; Amazon prices may vary.)

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